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My name is Helli, I’m an illustrator, concept artist and graphic designer from Israel.
I create illustrations and designs for both print and digital. My work includes books, advertising, motion, branding, concept art for animation and character design.
I also make artworks for exhibitions and personal projects such as gifts and events.

My biggest passion is creating worlds and environments. 
Whether it’s for an illustrated book or an animation project, I love the process
of figuring out the rules, the colors and the style that is best suited.

I’ve graduated a 4 year program at “Minshar” school of art, at the visual
communication department, expanding illustration and animation.

Exhibition and festivals:

• La Culture “RELIEF” 2020
• “Illustration at the end of the tunnel” 2020 at Old Jaffa
• “Yotzim La’Or” 2020 at Old Jaffa
• 2019 ESMoA Video Art + Film Festival: SPROUT. California USA.
  selected as a finalist with my film “MOONLIGHT”
• La Culture Object/Spirit x A5 Magazine x Gelada
• OMA - “Dimensions” Video art X print exhibition at Cuckoo's nest
• 2018 Illustration and comics festival at Nachalat Binyamin

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