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Tamar and the Groundsels

This is my final project at “Minshar for Art”.
I choose to illustrate an 80 years old and forgotten israeli children book -
“Tamar and the Groundsels” (”Tamar Vehasavionim”) written by Aharon Ze'ev.
The book tells the story of Tamar, a lonley child who finds a Groundsel flower near her house.
One day Tamar finds out that the flower, her one and only friend, had dried out
and turned white. She calls him “Grandfather“.
Tamar then embarks on a journy to find the flower again.
On her way, she meets 4 nature elements - the wind, the rain, the soil and the sun,
they escort and help her to achive her goal.
This is a non-classic peripheral story that had never became a best-seller.
I’m glad that I had the opportunity to renew this beautiful book, and bring it to our times.

© 2020 Helli Cohen. All rights reserved.